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Homonormativity, Homonationalism, and the other ‘Other’: the dangers of a liberal discourse in the fight for (gay marriage) ‘equality’

“Again, this is dangerous. An interrogation of and a resistance to a particular Western (U.S.-centric) liberal human rights discourse of gay marriage and equality must occur in an attempt to cease the reproduction of normative, heterosexual desire. As Sara Ahmed (2002) clams, (and I agree), ‘there is a violence of seeking to assimilate difference back into the category of the same.’”

Washroom Wars: Yay for Gender Neutral Bathrooms; Nay for Ignorant Buffoons 

“In the midst of supportive colleagues it only takes one person like this to bring me back to reality to remind me of the palpable tyranny that exists, of the oppressive patriarchal dogmas and why feminist advocacy is so important. We may have won the battle this time with the newly installed washroom, but there is a long war ahead of us.”

Stealthy Freedoms and the Colonial Gaze

“As Western feminists we have a responsibility too: to be critical about the kind of struggle that is brought to our attention and reflect upon the reasons behind the publicity they receive. As coloured feminists, we should be alert about the colonial relations that appropriate our movements and not hesitate to denounce them, as Amina Taylor did so bravely and in doing so exposed the racism engraved in certain Occidental feminist movements.”

Who gets to talk about the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver?

“If I could feel myself so angered by the voyeuristic gaze of social scientists and the like, what right do I have, as someone who has neither lived nor worked in the DTES, to take up space with my own voice?”

Vegetarianism & feminist food autonomy: Why I don’t care what you ate for dinner.

“For many, feeling good about eating is hard enough – we don’t need to shame each other about what we’re eating too.”

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Recent Shows

August 24

Rebroadcast: Hapa Palooza and Mixed Race/Hybrid Identities Organizing

Adrienne and guests discuss how critical understandings of race are significant to developing a feminist politics and praxis which attends to the ways in which intersectional identities are categorized, assimilated, and invisibilized in our society.

August 10

Vancouver Queer Film Festival

The F Word interviews Kiran Sunar, from Out On Screen s Vancouver Queer Film Festival. The Vancouver Queer Film Festival is Vancouver’s second largest film festival and the largest queer arts event in Western Canada. The 2015 Festival will run from August 13th to 23rd and is packed with workshops, panels, films, and more.

August 3

Rebroadcast: Black Lives Matter 

The F Word rebroadcasts speaks from our January 2015 show in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. The popular #Blacklivesmatter hashtag was started by three Black queer women, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi.  We want to name their work as it is not often acknowledged or known, and we wish to honour the important work of black queer women in resisting white supremacy and police violence against people of colour. Anti-racism IS a feminist issue.

July 27

Women in Comedy

The F Word airs a compilation of clips from various women comedians. The comedy covers a range of topics including race, culture, sexuality, and gender. Given that the comedy industry is primarily dominated by white men it is often the case that a lot of the jokes are designed for a white male audience. Our goal with this show is to present comedy that can be funny for everyone. We also know that humour and laughter are a form of self care that has the potential to keep us vibrant in our activist work.

July 20

Youth For a Change

Youth for A Change is an advocacy and activist group of young LGBTQ people in Surrey. Youth for A Change has been active for over three years and promotes education on anti-homophobia; healthy teen relationships; gender identities and youth homelessness. The F Word had the opportunity to speak with Co-founder Jen Marchbank and two youth activists, Anna Westhaver and Jasmine Broeder, about the diverse work of Youth For A change and queer youth activism.

July 13

Rebroadcast: Women in Trades 

The F Word rebroadcasts Nicole Deagan’s interview with Charlotte, one of the founders of WMovers (Women Movers), which is an all-female moving company with the mandate of empowering women and trans folks through safe and stable employment. And, Carissa Ropponen speaks to Erin Maguire about her experience taking a Women in Trades Program at Camosun College in Victoria, BC.They talk about why this program is important and empowering for women.

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