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We are seeking contributors to the F Word Feminist Media Collective!

We are based out of Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories with a mandate to explore and disseminate feminist ideas, practices and issues.  Our feminism demands intersectionality and a resistance to colonization, white supremacy, all forms of misogyny (including transmisogyny), class, and other forms of oppression.  Check out our website for more info on our values and how we define feminism.

Current opportunities for involvement include:

  • Contributions to our weekly radio show The F Word, on Co-Op Radio (100.5 FM)
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Music curation

We are particularly interested in pitches for stories that focus on issues pertaining to:

  • Resisting white supremacy
  • Disability justice
  • Queer issues
  • Decolonization
  • Trans* feminine issues
  • Criminalization
  • Capitalism/Class Oppression/Feminization of Poverty

We are especially welcoming those who belong to communities that are marginalized within mainstream feminist movements or media — these include, but are not limited to, folks who are trans*, Black, Indigenous, people of colour, poor, living with disabilities, fat, queer, and/or migrants.  Our own group is small, consisting of 4 active members, all with differing social locations.  Please feel free to email us if you have more questions about who we are.  We are committed to making necessary changes to our collective in order to create space for those whose ideas, insights, struggles, and lives are excluded/pushed out of feminist media making.

For radio shows, we are welcoming ideas for interviews, the exploration of issues, discussions, radio documentaries or other formats that are appropriate for a 1-hour radio timeslot with time for music, stings, and promotions for Co-Op Radio (a non-commercial, co-operatively-owned, listener-supported, community radio station).

For blog posts, please see here.

For music curation, we are looking for music enthusiasts who are interested in bringing feminist music to Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories.  Music curators would have the opportunity to develop a playlist of songs for particular show topics.  33% of all music must be Canadian content.

Interested?  Please contact us at with your ideas!  Tell us a little about yourself – what are you interested in?  What’s your idea?  What is your own relationship to the issue you want to explore?

Previous experience is not required for any of the contributions.  Please email us with any questions, or for help in developing an idea.

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