About Us

We are a feminist media collective located on Coast Salish Territories belonging to Tsleil’Waututh, Musqueam, and Squamish peoples (Vancouver, BC).

We host a weekly radio show that has been airing out of Vancouver Co-Op Radio CFRO 100.5 FM since 2007.  We are also syndicated at Pacifica Radio a listener supported community radio network of commercial free station.

We also host a blog that launched in 2010.


We define feminism broadly in order to leave space for debates and differences within the collective and to engage with communities in and around Coast Salish Territories.  Our members conceptualize feminism as a lens, a model and practice that works to address and dismantle hierarchies of oppression; guides a personal practice of courage, compassion and connection (as explained by Brene Brown); and provides an entry-point for anti-oppressive ways of living.

We acknowledge that the following are all interconnected and are all feminist issues:

  • All forms of misogyny, including transmisogyny
  • (Global) capitalism & class oppression, including the myth of meritocracy, pink washing, green washing, and oligarchy
  • Colonization & imperialism, xenophobia, borders, citizenship & status, migration, nationalism, occupation
  • Fat oppression
  • Ableism
  • Heterosexism, cissexism, homoantagonism, gender identity
  • Sexualized violence
  • Gentrification
  • Prison industrial complex
  • Medical industrial complex
  • Non-profit industrial complex
  • Shame
  • War on drugs
  • Climate justice
  • Food justice
  • Reproductive justice

**Note: as collective members, we may hold different perspectives and values as they relate to the above issues. We knowingly hold differing, and sometimes opposing, views on sex work/sex industries/prostitution.


Inspired by the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective, the F Word is working to develop a guiding set of values and principles that enables us to work across the differences between us and our communities.  This living document currently includes:

  • Love for ourselves, one another, and the communities to which we belong.
  • Recognizing that, as bell hooks says, “Love is always an action, never simply a feeling.”
  • Embracing and addressing our own imperfections to enable being vulnerable to change and challenges.  This is essential for challenging ourselves and working through the ways in which we may unwittingly contribute to oppression
  • Holding ourselves and feminism accountable for the oppressions to which we may contribute.  This includes addressing transmisogyny by not featuring artists who play at the transphobic Michigan Womyn’s Music festival without accountability
  • Centering kindness to ourselves and the people we interview
  • Highlighting the voices of those whose lives are marginalized and/or silenced by the systems of oppression under which we all live and to which many of us contribute
  • Treating each other like we are indisposable (as explained by Mia Mingus). This includes, but is not limited to, “calling each other in” when we transgress our values, rather than shaming/pushing each other out of communities
  • Accountability to each other and broader communities by encouraging and welcoming dialogue and critique
  • Recognizing the dignity of individuals and communities
  • Recognizing that there is space for kindness and anger to work together and exist alongside one another (i.e., our love for the world means we are angry at rampant misogyny)
  • Transparency in our beliefs and actions

Our members

Our members currently include Adrienne Moya, Caity Goerke, Carissa Ropponen, Rosa Park, and Sarah Jo.

Recent members have included Angela Matthews, Ariana Barer, Carly Rhianna Smith, Ellie Gordon-Moershel, Helen Polychronakos, Nicole Deagan, and Pragya Esh.

Interested in what you see and want to join?  Find out more about getting involved!

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