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The F Word Media Collective operates out of Vancouver, BC. We produce a weekly syndicated radio show and blog.

The F Word radio show has been airing out of Vancouver Co-op Radio CFRO 100.5 FM since 2007. We are syndicated at Pacifica Radio, a listener supported community radio network of commercial free stations.

The F Word’s blog launched in 2010.


The F Word is guided by the following principles and values:

  • We seek to facilitate feminist dialogue and to use media as a means toward progressive social change.
  • We aim to challenge mainstream media representations of feminism and present a critique of dominant culture and ideology through a feminist lens.
  • We intend to contribute to a feminist movement that is engaging, accessible, honest, unapologetic, and challenging.
  • We acknowledge that our work is done on unceded Coast Salish Territory and we recognize the ongoing colonization of the Indigenous people of this land. We stand in solidarity with the resistance to this oppression.

Our Members

At present, active members of the F Word Media Collective are:

Carissa Ropponen is a co-coordinator plus a contributing member and host of The F Word Media Collective. She works at a local rape crisis centre.  Her favourite things include Manolo (cat) and that guy she’s marrying (James) on the fall solstice. Carissa enjoys long walks on the beach (actually), 80s soft rock, cardamum ginger beer, and hiding feminist magazines in the bridal section at Chapters. She can be found wearing polka dots and studying the mystical properties of stones, though she refuses to be defined by Nicole as “loosely Wiccan.” She is easily angered by being called “Wiccan” and by misogyny on public transit. She embraces the contradictions of Wiccan-Evangelical-Atheism and feminist marriage.  Take that, patriarchy, you d*ck.

Ariana Barer is a co-coordinator plus a contributing member and host for The F Word radio show. She has been producing and hosting feminist radio since 2005 when she resurrected Adamant Eve on CJSR in Edmonton, Alberta. Ariana works in a feminist anti-violence organization, holds a Masters degree in public education, and has been involved with feminist movements for many years. She also spreads feminist love in other parts of her life as a dancer, choreographer, and drummer for local Vancouver garage surf riot grrrl band Bushtit and feminist musician Melissa Endean.

Angela Matthews is a contributing member of The F Word Media Collective. Furthermore, she is a total badass.

Caity Goerke is a contributing member of The F Word Media Collective and the Editor of the blog. She is an undergraduate student at UBC’s Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, Social Justice. Her very first feminist act was in the middle of her elementary school talent show where all the other kids were singing “YMCA” and she was singing “YWCA” at the top of her lungs (being thoroughly miffed that the song was only about men). Her favourite thing to do is rant about film and television. She loves Parks and Recreation, Jeremy, Finola, and living in a feminist paradise with her rockstar roommates.


Previous Contributers:

Nicole Deagan has worked as a counsellor and advocate in the women’s movement in BC since 1991. In 2006 she co-founded Vancouver Feminist Action Project and in 2007 co-founded The F Word feminist radio show at CFRO. She works at Vancouver Co-op Radio.

Ellie Gordon-Moershel spawned her feminist career with an angry grade 5 acrostic poem about the sexist treatment she received as a very young female athlete. Now she spends her time looking up terms such as ‘acrostic’ on wikipedia. Her contributions to the F Word consist of (but are not limited to) “keeping it real” by mispronouncing words and making up new ones. Ellie thinks it is important to acknowledge that she will never speak for all women but she will, indeed, speak for all persons with hyphenated last names.

Carly Rhianna Smith is a journalism student at Langara College currently completing her practicum at The Tyee in Vancouver. She hopes to work as a freelance journalist after receiving her diploma this June. She first felt secure enough to call herself a feminist after reading Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti, and has been resisting complacent sexism ever since. In her spare time she likes to read countless articles online, play with her pet rat, practice tarot readings and rune casting and enjoy the one month of sunshine we get in Vancouver.

Helen Polychronakos

Freddie Storm


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