In which I criticize most things.

Amanda Hess quoted an interview with Dita Von Teese in which she is asked whether or not she is a feminist. Her answer was far from surprising, and yet, as always, I am disappointed. Are all celebrities total idiots? Like, is there any particular reason why 99% (p.s. that stat is total science) of female celebrities either have no idea at all what the word even means (a la Gwen Stefani, who apparently has been waiting patiently her whole life for someone to just PLEASE give her a definition of the word. Because. she. doesn’t. have. access. to. the. internet? Or, like, books? Or, um, conversations? With other people?) or are scared shitless to be associated with something as horrifying as freedom.

Von Teese, who kind of contradicts herself by saying both that, because SHE is a woman, and her audience consists mainly of women, her shows MUST innately be feminist. But then goes on to say that, really, “It’s not a word I don’t really like to address, you know?”

It seems as though this, woman=feminist, is a common train of thought for many folks. That anything a woman does, and anything, any woman supports, is automatically feminist.

Looking back on my very favorite article of this week, in which Mr Mr claims that he knows the difference between ‘genuine’ and ‘pseudo’ feminists (read: if you like to show me your boobs then you a a true feminist. Because it’s ‘fun’! And ‘sexy’! DON’T YOU GET IT?!?!), I notice that the very same logic is used by both Russell Blackford, (spokesperson for all women and feminists, because lord knows we need one, seeing as none of us are ‘getting it’) and Von Teese. Blackford justifies Boobquake as feminist, simply because: “We’re talking about women voluntarily wearing clothes which seem to them to be fun and sexy. Note that it was a woman who had the idea and that many other women are getting into it enthusiastically”. Really? Is that how it works? Are we to assume, then, that Girls Gone Wild is feminist? Because women are ‘voluntarily’ flashing their breasts? I imagine that Blackford would view GGW as the epidemy of feminism. It’s SO fun. And SO sexy. And, after all, those girls are just so darn enthusiactic!

I just don’t see how Von Teese and her act can be both, innately feminist, and view feminism as besides the point. And, I mean, if this is something she is being asked about constantly, then would that not inspire her to at least figure out what the fuck feminism is? What a weird and useless question! And clearly irrelevant. Cue eye-roll.

I feel confused too.

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