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Thank you so much for your interest in writing for The F Word blog! We’re happy to have you.

We are interested in a vast array of topics as they relate to feminism. This can include anything from an in depth analysis of the systematic oppression of Indigenous women in the Canadian criminal system to a short review of a pop music video. Please email us if you have questions about the interest or relevance of a topic.

While this is a blog and not an academic journal we do have some basic guidelines we’d like you to follow when submitting a guest piece.

1. Ensure facts are correct and sources attributed – sources can even include other blogs, this is especially useful when making claims about how certain groups of people have reacted to particular events or ideas.

2. Ensure links are working.

3. Do not embed links into your story. Just place them next to where they need to go with the full URL ( http: ) spelled out; we will embed them once it’s published.

4. Generally try to keep blogs under 2000 words.

5. Ensure there are no copyright issues with stories or photos, and that we have permission to use what is submitted. If you are taking a photo from somewhere, tell us where it is from so we can either credit or link to the original source.

6. No footnotes — incorporate the info into the story.

7. Always include a short, one or two sentence biography of the author.

8. Please do not send the first draft of your piece. If you are a newer writer, have a friend look it over before you send it our way. Some of The F Word members still do this before every blog they publish – it’s helpful.

9. Please be open to our edits and suggestions.

10. It is up to the author of the post whether the comment section will be open or closed. If it remains open (as most of our posts do) we prefer that you engage in the conversation in the comment section; but, by no means is this a requirement. Please review our comment policy (soon to be posted).

11. As it stands, none of us make any money doing this. So, your piece will be a labour of love as well.

12. Feel free to ask us questions!

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The purpose of the blog is to create dialogue and debate around current issues related to women, feminism, and social justice.
We enjoy active participation in the blog, however, we reserve the discretion to remove any comments that are threatening or promote hate speech.

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