The Femme Monologues


Femme Monologues is a graphic memoir serial by Marusya Bociurkiw & Terri Roberton, which appeared for a brief time in Xtra! Toronto and Capital Xtra! (Ottawa).¬†It features a wide-eyed femme discovering lesbianism, vegetarian food, women’s music, and butches for the first time, with short vignettes from a queer/femme/feminist archive, covering such topics as feminist publishing, women’s dances, the new queer cinema, and the re-emergence of butch/femme culture in the 1990′s.
Click on the links below to view each installment of this amazing serial!

On Becoming A Dissident Writer - Part 1

On Becoming A Dissident Writer – Part 2

My First Women’s Dance Party


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