What do women have to do with Soccer? Nothing, unless they’re naked.

A recent marketing campaign for the Vancouver Whitecaps has gone viral, garnering a lot of attention which, I suppose, was their intent. And what better way to promote anything than to use women’s naked bodies! Works every time.

First, it was announced that there would be a ‘find-the-billboard’ contest; the billboard, which went up last week, featured a model who has a Whitecaps jersey painted onto her body:

and then, a video was released, showing the model being painted:

As pointed out, aptly, by Vancouver forestry executive and novelist, Anne Giardini: this is not what women who are interested in soccer look like. They, rather, look like they are playing soccer. And more often than not, they are clothed!

Using women’s bodies as accessories in advertising, and as entertainment for sports fans, rather than allowing them to just be participants in the sport, or simply to be fans, without the focus being on their sexualized body parts is so unbelievably typical that it is hardly surprising at this point. But enough already. Not only is this the least creative way of ‘getting the word out’ about a sports team, but it completely marginalizes women and makes painfully clear what their role is in sports. The role, being, of course, decorative.

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2 Comments on “What do women have to do with Soccer? Nothing, unless they’re naked.”

  • Laura

    So frustrating that a new sport club in Vancouver feels it is required, and entitled, to use women’s bodies to sell their product. Not like we could possibly be interested in watching soccer too- it’s only one of the most popular sports in Canada for women.

  • Ellie

    You know, I actually find most of the video artistic, and it could possibly call the mind the strength of the female athlete. And, then at the end they zoom out and it’s a pouty model who looks like she doesn’t know that a soccer ball is actually a piece of sporting equipment.

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