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September 29

Pragya interviews No One Is Illegal about the inquest for Lucia Vega Jimenez.

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Stealthy Freedoms and the Colonial Gaze

“As Western feminists we have a responsibility too: to be critical about the kind of struggle that is brought to our attention and reflect upon the reasons behind the publicity they receive. As coloured feminists, we should be alert about the colonial relations that appropriate our movements and not hesitate to denounce them, as Amina Taylor did so bravely and in doing so exposed the racism engraved in certain Occidental feminist movements.”

Who gets to talk about the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver?

“If I could feel myself so angered by the voyeuristic gaze of social scientists and the like, what right do I have, as someone who has neither lived nor worked in the DTES, to take up space with my own voice?”

Vegetarianism & feminist food autonomy: Why I don’t care what you ate for dinner.

“For many, feeling good about eating is hard enough – we don’t need to shame each other about what we’re eating too.”

Romance and Representation in “Insurgent”

“That it is Tris and Four’s relationship that I focused on in this post, and not Lynn and Marlene’s, speaks volumes to where power structures continue to play an enormous role in the production of popular culture. We’re going to need to rock the boat a lot harder if we want that to change.”

An Ode To Killjoys

“Killing joy is kick ass. It’s the kind of truth we deserve. I will always love you, honour you, and cherish you for all the joy you kill because that is what is required for us to led authentic and whole lives. We kill joy and space is made for our experiences to be validated. That is space we are all deserving of.”





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September 22

Fat and Feminism

The F Word discusses the supposed ‘age of the booty,’ as apparently evidenced by songs like Anaconda, Booty and All About That Bass. The show features Golda Poretsky s Ted X talk on “Why It s Okay to Be Fat,” exploring the myth of fat=unhealthy.

September 15

How 9/11 changed the lives of Muslim women.

Nicole Deagan rebroadcasts an interview originally aired last September by Ellie Gordon-Moershel; it was created as part of Pacifica Radio’s 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York. Ellie speaks with Farrah Khan of AQSAzine about the way the North American public looks at Islam and in particular Muslim women. Also includes a segment from a presentation by bell hooks at New College of Florida from March 8, 2011.

September 8

The F Word features Shilpa Narayan and Aliya Dossa – two incredible young women doing important work for our communities that make women’s lives (and frankly, everyone’s lives) safer, more interesting, and more connected.  Shipa spoke about her recent one act on rape culture, theatre, feminism, and resistance. Aliya discussed her recent 101 Days, 101 Strangers, 101 Stories project.

September 1

Black Feminism & Intersectionality

The F Word features Sharon Smith and Nikeeta Slade, two speakers from the June 2013 Socialism Conference hosted by the International Socialist Organization (or ISO) in Chicago. Their combined presentations were titled Black Feminism and Intersectionality. They offer a historical perspective as well as a class and labour lens. Weaving together the strands of intersectional oppression and resistance in the Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality, ability, age, economic soup.

August 25

Kate Bornstein

This episode of the F Word features a Q&A from the Vancouver Queer Film Festival that followed a screening of the portrait film: Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger. The Q&A after the film was hosted by Festival Executive Director Drew Dennis and included Kate Bornstein and filmmaker Sam Feder.


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