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July 28

The F Word airs speakers from the roundtable discussion that No One Is Illegal recently hosted with migrant justice and labour organizers discussing the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada.


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Romance and Representation in “Insurgent”

“That it is Tris and Four’s relationship that I focused on in this post, and not Lynn and Marlene’s, speaks volumes to where power structures continue to play an enormous role in the production of popular culture. We’re going to need to rock the boat a lot harder if we want that to change.”

An Ode To Killjoys

“Killing joy is kick ass. It’s the kind of truth we deserve. I will always love you, honour you, and cherish you for all the joy you kill because that is what is required for us to led authentic and whole lives. We kill joy and space is made for our experiences to be validated. That is space we are all deserving of.”

 We Weren’t Born This Way

“For everyone that’s shaming Kim for making a public post on racism: when did you learn that racism exists?  Were you born with an intricate understanding of white supremacy?  I know I wasn’t.  Despite being raised in an Indian family in the Canadian prairies, I was taught that racism does not exist.  I, like most people in the Global North, had been fed the myth of meritocracy from the moment I was born.”

“The Bachelor,” otherwise know as: “Day-Old Cheese Pizza”

“I’m not naive. It’s not like I’ve ever expected anything radical or progressive from a reality show that buys into so many toxic notions of masculinity, femininity, marriage, family, and love that I wouldn’t know where to begin to catalogue them all. But I guess I just thought they’d try to do a better job of hiding it.”




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Recent Shows

July 21

In conversation with Alex Cu Unjieng

Carissa Ropponen speaks with Alex Cu Unhing, a feminist visual artist and printmaker about her fun and provocative art. Much of Unjieng’s work stems from the negotiation of her identity as an immigrant, and her practice also focuses on feminist issues and aims to explore, question, and challenge what is and can be known, seen, and understood. Alex discusses how her experiences and identity as an immigrant and feminist woman have shaped her work, as well as the personal and political aspects of her art.

July 14

Rebroadcast: Fat Politics

On this episode of The F Word, we’re talking about Fat Politics, Fat Phobia, and Fat Activism! Fat fashion lover, fat activist, and queer feminist Sasha Burden joins Ariana Barer to discuss self-identification, realities of living in the world as a fat person, health talk and diet talk, ending fatphobia, as well as fat allyship and resources to blow your mind!

July 7

BC Poverty Reduction Coalition

Ariana Barer speaks with Trish Garner, the Community Organizer with the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition about the Poverty Reduction Act, a private members bill brought forward by NDP MLA Michelle Mungall, and the end child support clawback campaign – an initiative which is critical to single mothers on welfare.

June 30

Polymer Dance

The F Word’s Ariana Barer speaks to members of Polymer Dance – a Vancouver- based contemporary dance performing group and class. Co-founders and organizers Miriam Esquitin and Kristina Lemieux, and Polymer participant Dana Elhert discuss public space, accessibility in movement, the ways dance has been raced, classed, and gendered, playfulness, art, and the democratization of dance.

June 23

Mia Mingus: Shifting from a politic of desirability and beauty to a politic of ugly and magnificent.

The F Word airs a talk by Mia Mingus, a writer, community educator, organizer, fierce femme of colour, and disability justice activist from Oakland, California about shifting form a politic of desirability to a politic of ugly and magnificent. Also featured is music by the Femme City Choir, from their June 7th show Femme-stravaganza in Vancouver. Femme City Choir is an all-genders, queer and trans* centred femme-fabulous singing extravaganza!


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