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April 21

The F Word explores Intersectionality! The F Word’s Carissa Ropponen speaks with visual artist Alana Boltwood about creating artwork that mashes up feminism, mathematics and statistics and Boltwood’s upcoming exhibit called “Intersectionality” at Simon Fraser University’s international conference “Intersectionality Research, Policy and Practice: Influences, Interrogations & Innovations” coming up on April 24, 6:30-9:00 pm at Chapel Arts in Vancouver.


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“The Bachelor,” otherwise know as: “Day-Old Cheese Pizza”

Thoughts on “The Bachelor” and why it might have been a little too easy to hate Juan Pablo.

What do “Her” and “The Social Network” have in common? A lot about him. 

A comparative review of “Her” and “The Social Network”

We are not a broken generation.

A rant about being a Millennial, girlhood, and the language of “not good enough.”

Feminist Christmas

I’ve been dreaming of a Feminist Christmas!

An Open Letter to my Beloved College Freshman Brother Regarding Consent, Illustrated with Personal Examples

Guest blogger Kyla Jamieson’s open letter to her brother, originally presented at UBC’s March to Reclaim Consent.



We are the F Word Media Collective, a feminist media collective based in Vancouver, BC on unceded Coast Salish Territories.

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Recent Shows

April 14

Passover, Feminism, and Social Justice

The F Word airs social justice and feminist interpretations of the Jewish holiday of Passover.







April 10

Who am I to do this?: The Importance of Kindness in Activism

Ariana Barer speaks with Pragya Sharma about the importance of kindness in activism and shifting our thinking around struggles for social change. They discuss the hero sandwich, no-shame invitations to accountability, white supremacy, connection to the land, feminisms, orienting to action, and that voice in all of us that says, ‘Who am I to do this?’. Sharma is an educator, group facilitator and support worker in the anti-violence field. She has been in and out of organizing for the past ten years in Alberta and British Columbia.

April 3

Sister Spit Ramblin’ Roadshow: Part Two

The F Word airs performances from the Sister Spit Ramblin Roadshow in Vancouver, BC, featuring Chinaka Hodge and Virgie Tovar. Sister Spit is a queer feminist spoken word and performance art collective from San Francisco.



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